Werner Coaching & Consulting offers a variety of coaching services and have worked with clients to accomplish personal and professional goals including:

Skill Development for Leaders

  • Transition to a new position with additional responsibilities
  • Address issues raised in a performance review that require further areas for development
  • Clarify and set goals
  • Overcome barriers and create new opportunities for success

Career development and transition

  • Identify and clarify interests, skills, values and personality style
  • Determine what career/job you really want, and the kind of lifestyle you desire
  • Learn the skills needed to make career transitions

Teams and Organizations

The speed of change in today’s world requires more focus than ever on organization effectiveness through team performance and strategic initiatives. We offer consulting services and have worked with teams and organizations to:

  • Provide an objective sounding board for strategic and organizational issues
  • Facilitate the process of strengthening team performance by helping your staff work better together
  • Diagnose organizational issues and create value added solutions
  • Strategic visioning and planning for overall organization effectiveness

"Mary has done an excellent job both as the facilitator of a large group meeting and as a coach for one of our key leaders. Her background as a Partner in a professional services firm gives her a great perspective on leadership, and how to make a profit. As a result, her coaching is firmly grounded in reality. Mary's commitment to our success has been evident in all of our interactions."

– Chief HR Officer